Growing Herbs Indoors: 6 Herbs You Can Start Growing Today

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Looking for something green to enjoy during these cold Winter months? Indoor herbs are such a great way to scratch that gardening itch when we can’t outside, or be the confidence boost you need to start gardening.

So, if you have two pots, and a sunny spot in your home, there are 6 herbs you can enjoy now that will not only look pretty but add amazing flavor to any recipe on the menu.

First you will need two medium sized pots. The only requirement for these pots is that they have a drainage hole on the bottom. This will prevent the soil from getting water logged, causing your herbs to rot at the root.

The next step, which might be the most important, is choosing the soil. For the “Mediterranean Pot” a cactus or succulent blend is ideal as this blend is optimized for drainage, which is exactly what this herb group needs.

For the “Green Leafy Pot” choosing a general organic potting soil mix will work great, as these blends are optimized to help retain moisture, which is what this herb group needs.

the Mediterranean pot

the Green Leafy pot

Once you have your pots and soil, head to your local garden center and pick up your basil, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, sage & thyme. Plant the herbs and give the soil a good drink of water.

Both of these pots needs at least 4-6 hours of sunlight each day, so place in a spot in your home where they will get the required amount of sun. Depending on the maturity of the herbs you purchase, you may be able to start enjoying them from day one!

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