When in Doubt,Grab a Granny…Smith Apple that Is! Pics,Recipes & More.

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We love our apples! From gathering the family and picking them in the orchard to dipping them in gooey caramel sauce, the apple is a highlight to many fond family memories and a go to snack for both young and old.  It turns out there is one apple that outshines the rest: the Granny Smith.  From it’s low calorie count, high fiber content and being the favorite in the kitchen as filling for apple pie, no wonder the granny smith apple ranks No.1 among moms, kids, and nutritionists.
The granny smith originated in Australia around 1868; some say by accident!  Rumor has it that Maria Ann Smith was testing French crab-apples for cooking, she threw the apple cores out her window as she worked, and up sprung what we now know to be the granny smith apple.   However Maria cultivated the granny smith, is has become a favorite world wide.  It continues to be one of Australia’s biggest exports, and now France and the US also grow and export this apple variety.
H  E  A  L  T  H    B  E  N  E  F  I  T  S
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Along with their crisp sweet tartness, granny smith apples bring a lot of nutritional value to the table (pun intended!).

  • Granny Smith apples are lower in carbs vs. other apple varieties
  • good source of fruit sugar to give you a boost during the 3 p.m. energy slump
  • high fiber content, which makes you feel full
  • beneficial phytonutrients which offer a range of health benefits
Plus, according to the Journal of Food Chemistry the non-digestible compounds found in the granny smith apple can help fight obesity, as well as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  These compounds also help your gut grow friendly bacteria, and wouldn’t we rather have friendly bacteria vs. unfriendly bacteria!
W  A  Y  S    t o    E  N  J  O  Y
Photo Credit Huffington Post
Why moms and kids love the granny smith apple is all the delicious ways you can enjoy this green gem!  Whether eaten right out of the fruit bowl, paired with sharp cheddar, dipped in caramel sauce or melted between gouda and ham, the granny smith brings just the right amount of sweetness and tartness to any dish.  Click on the images below for recipe information!
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