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Fiddle Leaf Fig Brown Spots: What Does It Mean?

by | Jan 23, 2023 | fiddle leag fig care, gardening, indoor plants, potted plants, tropical plants | 0 comments

fiddle leaf fig brown spots

Fiddle Leaf Fig Brown Spots: What does this mean?

What do I do? You are not alone in asking these questions. We have a couple of tips on how to care for fiddle leaf fig.

fiddle leaf fog brown spots

The large brown ends of the leaves indicate that you may be underwatering. You can cut the brown ends off with sharp gardening scissors. Give it a big drink, soaking all of the soil, once every 7 -14 days when the top soil is dry 1-2″ down.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

Ensure excess water is able to drain and be discarded from the bottom of the pot (they do not like to have wet feet). In the Pacific Northwest, indoor plants need more water in the arid seasons like winter and summer. Also, consider supplementing with a fiddle leaf fig fertilizer.

fiddle leaf fig brown spots

Can you stick your finger in the soil? They do like to be root bound (tight in their pot), but you don’t want the soil for the fiddle leaf plant to be compacted or often pull away from the edges. If this is the case, find a planter for fiddle leaf fig and repot in the spring in a pot 1-2″ larger than the current pot with quality ficus-specific soil.

Fiddle Leaf Light Requirments


Small cracks and brown bits look like “bruises”. When the leaves get brushed against or damaged, they show it. There are specific fiddle leaf fig light requirements. A lower-traffic spot with a lot of indirect light is ideal.


fiddle leaf fig brown spots