Top 5 Garden Trends For 2022

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How we utilize our outdoor space is a top priority for homeowners again in 2022. We view our outdoor space as an extension of our home, therefore wanting to make our outdoor space as beautiful, inviting and functional as possible. We talk about garden trends that are still going strong from last year and new ways to think about your indoor and outdoor space this year.

Indoors or Outdoors? How about both

Creating an outdoor living space was one of the biggest trends in 2021 and it is again in 2022. Seating, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens are all ways people are bringing the indoors outdoors. A new trend in seating is the incorporation of rattan seating. A rattan accent chair or side table is a great way to incorporate this new trend. Creating a live climbing wall, or strategically placing a hanging basket visible from your indoor space is a simple way to bring the outdoors indoors.

Tropical Plants Are The VIP

Our backyards can be somewhat of an escape from the busy to do’s of everyday life, so why not bring in some tropical vibes to really make it feel like you are being transported to another place?! You may think that your climate will not support tropical plants, but believe it or not, there are some tropical plants that are hardy to zone 4! Here are a few to try if you aren’t sure your weather is warm (or humid) enough. Caladium (elephant’s ear), which come in varieties for shade or sun, are recognized by their large and brightly colored foliage. They add a lot of texture and color to your landscape. Rose of Sharon is a hardy hibiscus and there are some varieties that can be grown to Zone 5. This is a beautiful plant, with plenty of color, and will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Rose Mallow can is another plant that adds plenty of color to your landscape and is hardy down to zone 4! This is a perennial worth investing in if you are looking to add some tropical vibes to your outdoor space.

Bicolor Plants

Do you have a hard time knowing what colors compliment each other? Well, thankfully nature has the answer and can make the decisions of what colors to plant together a little more simple. Bicolor plants are a trend we are seeing in 2022 and can simplify your landscape decisions. Pick a bicolor plant, and then choose leafy plants or flowers of the two colors to accompany the plant in your landscape.


Herbs are such a simple way to bring more of the outdoors indoors and also a nice way to create a beautiful aesthetic to any outdoor living space. Pots of rosemary, basil, and mint add an aromatic element to both your landscape (or windowsill if that is where your herbs live), and having fresh herbs on hand for recipes and summer salads is simply the best!

Growing Cut Flowers for Homemade Bouquets

Who doesn’t love a bouquet of fresh flowers? Turns out most of us love them, and we are willing to devote some of our landscape to growing them. Being able to grow fresh cut flowers and create bouquets for ourselves, friends and neighbors right out of our own backyard is so rewarding. Some favorite cut flowers are zinnias, dahlias, ranunculus, black eyed Susans, and growing these gorgeous blooms might be easier than you think!

There are several additional trends that those who know garden trends anticipate seeing this year. Just like with anything, trends will come and go. It is fun to try new things and see what creativity brings to the space, but one trend we can always get behind is getting our hands in the dirt. Here’s to a successful gardening season in 2022 regardless of which trends you may try.
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