4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mums

by | Sep 29, 2020 | beginner gardening, deadheading, flower, gardening, outdoor plants, potted plants | 0 comments

mum flower care

If you have purchased a mum (or several 😉) for your front porch, you are not alone!  Mums are a fall staple and we have some tips to keep your blooms looking pretty all season long.

  1. Repot your mum when you get home.  Mums tend to be rootbound (their roots take up the whole pot) and will last longer if you plant them in a larger pot.  Break apart the bound roots before placing in the new pot.  It is essential that the new pot has excellent drainage, as mums are susceptible to rot.

2. Place your mums in a spot that will get plenty of sunshine! They love the sun, and you will get a longer bloom if you can find a sunny spot.

mum flowers

3. Make sure to keep the soil moist.  Again, mums need to be planted in well-draining soil, however, the soil needs to stay moist, as mums do not like to dry out, and may not recover well if they do.

4. Pruning your mums may help extend the life of the plant and give you more blooms to enjoy. When the bloom starts to droop or looks spent, get some pruning shears (or scissors) and cut at an angle just able the nest set of leaves.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep those mums looking full and vibrant all season long! Now to choose which pumpkins to add to the front porch…

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