How To Take Your Love Of Indoor Plants Outdoors

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Are you falling in love with your new role as a plant parent and wondering how you can grow this role and possibly take it outdoors? It can be intimidating to think about starting to grow plants and maybe even vegetables outdoors, but you can do this! You are a proud parent of gorgeous indoor plants, and now its time to make your outdoor space just as lovely and maybe even enjoy a fresh fruit or veggie or two.

When starting to expand your love of caring for plants baby steps are ideal. Think pots, as many or as little as you like. You can grow just about any variety of flower in pots and most vegetables, herbs and some fruits will thrive in pots as well.

Let’s say you decide to go more “garden to table” and decide to grow herbs, vegetables or fruit. First step is pick something to grow that you actually like to eat! Do you cringe at the thought of eating a tomato, then don’t’ grow them! If you love tomatoes, good news; they are pretty easy to grow in a pot! Research your fav veggies to eat, and you might be surprised by how most can be grown in a pot.

Herbs also grow very well in a pot, actually this is where they thrive! The only thing to keep in mind is what herbs like to be planted together. Click here to learn what herbs grow well together. Strawberries are a fruit that love to be grown in a pot. Lemon and lime trees can also be grown in a pot, but are a little more unforgiving with temperature and sunlight.

Once you have decided what to grow, I recommend buying plant starts rather than planting from seed. Plant starts are more forgiving, which is a good thing for new plants parents. Most plant starts have been nurtured by garden experts and are off to a good start by the time they get planted in your space. They can be a little more expensive but the percentage of actually seeing a harvest or gorgeous blooms greatly increases when planting form starts verses seed.

So make this the year that you expand your plant parenting skills and make your outdoor space just as beautiful as your indoor space and start to enjoy all the joys and benefits of what the outdoor garden can bring.

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