How To Care For Your Houseplants While You Are Away.

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Are you a new plant parent and have plans that will take you out of town? Here are some simple tips that will keep your plants happy while you are away.

Gather your house plants (if possible) and make sure they are in a place that gives them plenty of sunshine throughout the day, especially if you plan on closing blinds or shades while you are away. It is ideal if you dedicate one window, away from vents with the blinds open, to provide the needed sunlight for your plants. As mentioned before, gather your house plants together if possible as they like to hang out together every once in a while, a plant play date if you will. As the plants aren’t likely going to receive water each day, having them live close together while you are away promotes a healthy atmosphere and the leaves can actually trap whatever humidity might be in the air.

Before you leave, make sure to give your plants a drink of water, not too much as over watering is never a good thing, but just a tad bit more than what you would normally do. Next get out your spray bottle and spray your plants generously, almost like they have been caught in a bit of a rain storm. Grab a paper towel and wipe up any excess water that may have spread to the ground or table top from spraying the plants. As mentioned before, arranging the plants close together helps trap some of the humidity generated by spraying the plants with water.

Following these few simple steps will give your houseplants the care they need while you are away and you will return to happy and healthy plants!

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