7 Food Trends You Will Want to Try in 2018

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The New Year typically brings about the desire to eat healthier; maybe trying to undo some pounds that may have been accumulated during the holiday season? But, do we really even stop eating candy until after Easter? I feel like I am eating candy from Halloween until Easter, anyone else??  Back on track here…food trends.  You will be encouraged to hear that most of the food trends for 2018 are on the healthier side and may make transitioning from all the sugar to better snack options a little easier!
Floral Flavors

  1. Floral flavor infusions aren’t a new thing, but this is going to be a big trend in 2018.  From lavender lattes to elderflower making it’s way into everything from cocktails to at home elixirs, floral flavor is going to be front and center this year.


Bubbly Drinks
2. Bubbly drinks came on strong in 2017 and are here to stay in 2018.  I have to say, a sparkling water hits the spot for me when the mid afternoon cravings come on strong.  Look for new and interesting flavors as more brands get into the game this year.


3. Mushroom coffee jumped onto the scene last year, still haven’t tried it, but you will likely see more and more ways to enjoy and incorporate mushrooms.  Mushroom broths mixed into smoothies and teas along with body care products boasting of this ingredient will be more available as well.  This is a good thing as new research has shown that mushrooms, particularly porcini mushrooms, have very high levels of two anti-aging antioxidants: ergothioneine and glutathione.  So ask for extra mushrooms on your next pizza and maybe give the mushroom coffee a try 😉
Middle Eastern Food Influence
4. We have seen an influence of Middle Eastern cuisine for quite some time.  From hummus to pita to spicy curried dishes, Middle Eastern flavors have become a mainstay in many of our pantries.  However, this year look to see an increase of these exotic options, as there is a growing desire in experiencing flavors from this part of the world.  I am not sure about you, but I am looking forward to this food trend!
Knowing your foods origin
5. There has been a growing demand for knowing the origin of our food, and this will continue to grow and become more and more expected in 2018.  Look for your local grocer to highlight where they source their fruit, veggies meat and dariy.  Restaurants will likely make this a highlight of their menus as well.  Ingredients will increasingly be more visible on most food products, as more and more people are wanting to see what is in their food at a glance.
6. Vegan options are going to be on the rise in 2018 as more and more people are choosing to eat a more plant based diet.  Many companies are coming up with new ways to offer creative plant based alternatives for those that just can’t give up their bacon burgers????.  Some of these options are getting pretty tasty, and may even have you reaching for the vegan option without even realizing it!
Puffed & popped snacks
7. We all love a good potato chip, but may not love all the grease that is used to create the crunch we crave.  So three cheers to the puffed and popped revolution!  Many of the big snack brands are taking to air to create tasty snacks that compromise with calories but not on flavor.  So yes, pass the chips please!
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