5 Best Plants for a Host or Hostess Gift

by | Dec 20, 2017 | gardening gifts, gift guide, indoor plants, potted plants, succulents | 0 comments

It’s that time of year when our calendars are full of parties!  Deciding what to bring the host or hostess can be a bit overwhelming.  Well,  we have a list of 5 amazing plants that every host or hostess will love, green thumb or not.  And, all of these plants can be enjoyed all year long!  Now who can say that about a bottle of wine or box of chocolates?
1.The Lemon Cypress.  This is such a fun a festive plant with it’s chartreuse shade and almost fuzzy feel.  A little reminiscent of the Grinch Stole Christmas don’t ya think?  The beauty of this plant is that it can be transported into a pot in the Spring and be enjoyed throughout the Summer.
2. The Wintergreen Plant.  This plant is an evergreen and can also be planted outside once it has been enjoyed indoors through the holidays.  Plant this beauty outside and enjoy green foliage all year long, even during the cold Winter months.
3. The Norfolk Pine.  This is another plant that can be enjoyed all year long both indoors or outdoors.  Something especially fun about the Norfolk Pine is the ability to decorate it!  Your host or hostess can enjoy dressing up their plant with lights or ornaments.  A great gift idea for the host or hostess with kids.
4. Christmas Cactus. A holiday classic, the Christmas cactus looks so festive with it’s bright red blooms to be enjoyed through the holidays.  If your host or hostess has any shade of green in their thumb, this should be a plant they can enjoy for years to come.  The Christmas Cactus needs a little TLC in regards to watering and light, but easy enough for most of us to handle.
5. The Succulents. There is a reason these little plants are all the rage; they are as cute as can be and require minimal care.  Plus…you can find the cutest little pots to in which to plant them…Bonus!  These make a great gift for any host or hostess and with all the different varieties, you are sure to find a succulent just perfect for your host or hostess’ style.
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