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7 Ways to Use the 7ft. Garland from Trader Joes

by | Dec 13, 2017 | DIY | 0 comments

This time of year fresh garland is a must in my house!  I try to sneak it into every room.  Wondering how you can find space for fresh garland in your home?  We are going to go over 7 ways to use the 7ft. garland from Trader Joes.  From traditional placements, like over the mantel and on the table as a centerpiece, to creating a custom looking wreath for less than $4. We will get your creative juices flowing and have you thinking of all kinds of new ways to put that garland to use!

1. It doesn’t get much easier than this! Just toss the garland on the table and you have a pretty centerpiece. Ok, MAYBE this requires a little more than tossing, but not much!!! This is a very traditional display of a fresh garland with a couple of faux sprigs of greenery and berries to create a little more color and depth to the arrangement.
2. So how cute is this?!? This before and after shows how we can put to use every last remnant of the garland rather than tossing them into the fireplace or trash. I purchased the wreath on the left at Joann for just over $2. I then went on to add springs of the fresh garland. This was super easy as the wreath’s woven design acts as a natural anchor for the garland sprigs. I added some red berries, and voila, you have a custom looking wreath for less than $4!!! Sure wishing I could insert the dancing lady emoji right here
3. I bet you wish you had this sitting on your kitchen counter right now! So good! Anyway, here is another way we used every little bit of the 7ft. garland. We needed to fill some holes in our donut hole tree, and what better way than to bring some fresh (let’s be honest, these are clearly not homemade donuts) to this dessert. A little fresh cranberries and greenery and you now have a dessert that even Martha would be proud of.

4. So what can you do with 1 1/2 feet of garland, make a home for your glass hurricane!  Grab some wire that can be found in the wreath section of most craft and fabric stores, and attach the two end pieces of the garland to make a circle.  You can adjust the diameter of the circle to fit the size of your glass hurricane.  This is such a simple and inexpensive way to add detail and depth to all your centerpieces!

5. Here again, is a very simple and traditional way to put fresh garland to use. I did connect two of the 7ft. garland pieces to allow for extra length to go around the front door. Add some bright white lights, and when the sun goes down, you have created a festive way to greet guests at your door!

6. I just love having a house full of people around the holidays! I really do! One thing I like to have in each of the guestrooms and bathrooms is fresh flowers or greenery. Again, instead of throwing these garland remnants out, place sprigs (big and small) in different size vases. Add some fresh berries to add color, or stick with all green.

7. Can we first just take a moment and give a round of applause for Target now carrying Joanna Gaines Hearth & Home! Oh my goodness, I will take it all please. I mention this because this wrapping paper is Hearth & Home. It has just enough color and pattern to compliment the simplicity of the sprig of garland and berry. In my book, a gift wrapped with twine and garland is a gift well wrapped!

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