Beginner Gardening Series: July Edition

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It’s just been that kind of month; a July Gardening Series post on the last day of July…oh well!  It is a small victory that that this post made it within the month deadline!

July in another exciting time in the gardening world.  Most often, you are beginning to see the fruits of your labor.  Veggies are being harvested from the garden, fruit is being picked from trees and bushes and blooms are at their brightest.

What can you be doing to enjoy this plentiful time in the yard and garden and make sure the harvest continues throughout the summer?  Here are 3 tips that will help ensure that your veggies are at their fullest and your blooms are at their brightest!


Watering is so key this time of year.  While sunlight is critical to the growth and vitality of your plants, it can also be the downfall if watering needs are not met.  Try and give your veggies a good drink of water in the early morning hours.  Watering in the heat of the day is not as effecting as so much of the water evaporates.  Your potted plants need even more water!  If you can, water then in the early morning and again at dusk.  This ensure that minimal water is evaporated by the sun’s heat.

2. Deadheading + Pruning + Weeding

Deadheading and pruning is a necessary chore for both your veggies and blooms to thrive.  I like to walk my garden as the sun in setting and check for suckers on my tomato plants and pull any unsightly weeds.  I also visit my potted plants and deadhead any spent blooms as this will encourage the plants to keep producing the color that we love all summer long!

3. Feed

Not all your veggies need an extra dose of fertilizer this time of year, but tomatoes will take seconds if offered.   There are different ways to feed your tomatoes after they are established; you can spread slow release granules that will not burn the plant but will…wait for it…release slowly and give your plants the extra nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus they need.  You can also give them what is called side dressing.   With this method you dig down and give them food at the root level.  Be careful, however, not to disrupt the established root system.  There is also liquid fertilizer.   This method leaches into the soil very quickly and may require more thank one application.  My favorite liquid feed for my tomatoes is Haven’s brand manure tea.  You can find more information here

I hope that you have found this info helpful!!  Here’s to a plentiful harvest and bright blooms all summer long!!!
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