Tulip Care: Tips & Tricks

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Give me all the tulips!!  Simple and sweet, is how I describe a tulip; bringing cheer to whatever space they inhabit. I don’t know, maybe it’s my Dutch blood (my maiden name is VanEngelen) but I can’t get enough of these blooms!  Planting tulip bulbs is simple enough, but how to make the most of the fresh cut stems is the question.  We want to know when to cut, where to cut, how to arrange them and how to give them the longest vase life.  Keep reading, we have some answers for you!

When to Cut the Tulip

I mean, these colors!! How can you resist??  So how can you give your tulips the longest life in a vase?  Clip the stem as close as you can to the dirt (this will affect the nutrients going back to the bulb if you have annual bulbs, so something to consider) while the petals are still closed.  If you are buying your tulips at a market, look for tulips that have thick strong stem with leaves that are tight and curled toward the stem, and like your outdoor tulips, the bud should be closed.

What Size of Vase

Tulips will continue grow in a vase, they just keep giving!  So you will want to give this consideration when choosing a vase for your tulips.  Choose a vase that supports the stems about 3/4 of the way up.  This prevents the tulips from spilling too far over the edge of the vase and over each other. 

How to make the Tulips Last

Once you have cut your fresh tulips from your garden or purchased them from your favorite market, immediately get them into fresh water.  But first…cut the stems at an angle to allow for the best water absorption.  There really isn’t a magic length to cut the stem, it is your preference on how you want your arrangement to look. To keep your blooms looking perky and fresh, give them fresh water daily or every other day, and continue to clip the bottoms of the stem every few days.  Keep the tulips in a room that gets plenty of bright sunlight, but avoid putting them in direct sunlight as this will cause the blooms to wilt faster. 

The Best Tulip Arrangements

While you would think that Tulips and Daffodils are friends, they do not like to share space!  If you find yourself walking out of Trader Joe’s with both bunches in your bag, give them each their own vase, as Daffodils release sap that will clog the stems of the tulips.  TIP: So Martha Stewart says, (I mean, she likely has the prettiest tulips). “If tulips droop once arranged, try this: Insert a pin through the stem just below the head; then pull it out. The holes let air escape to expedite the water flow.”  Tulips do get along very well with Peonies, Roses, Hydrangea and lots of greenery.  So let your creative juices flow when styling your arrangement.

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